Winners of Small Creative Agency of The Year at the Creative Moment Awards

December 11, 2020

Mc&T picked up Small Creative Agency of The Year at the Creative Moment Awards. We're super proud, as these awards are judged purely by Creatives from across the media/ marketing world - not just PR.

The judges recognized our work for the NHS, Beavertown, giffgaff and Kopparberg, throughout lockdown. Thanks to all our clients and partners for making this possible. 

Please find the some of the campaigns below and a note from our CEO.


Award: Finalist  'Creative Agency of the Year' 

Now more than ever we are seeing the need for creative effectiveness. Creativity is the tonic that makes a brand relevant to its audience. In a world where there is far too much to worry about, creativity makes a brand standout to its audience as either being useful or entertaining. Everything else in between, aside from a great product,  is immaterial.

- Paul McEntee - Mc&T CEO 


Campaign: Black Friday Pop up

Award: Finalist for Stunt of the Year, Provocative Campaign of the Year, Earned Media Campaign of the Year

Mc&T were asked by giffgaff to challenge the status quo and turn a day well known for consumerism on its head. That day was Black Friday, one of the biggest commercial moments in the calendar and our challenge was to break away from the focus on ‘new’ and highlight the alternative choice of refurbished, showcasing giffgaff as a business and industry leader in the process.    

We hijacked Black Friday by creating a pop-up shop in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, with a big difference. Nothing was for sale. To enter, visitors paid with a pledge to commit to choosing refurbished. 

Beavertown Brewery 

Campaign: Art of the Queue

Award: Finalist for Food & Drink Campaign of the Year

To celebrate the return of the beloved local, Beavertown Brewery partnered with British poet and comedian Tim Key to create a poem placed on the pavement line by line (1 metre apart) to help keep pub goers entertained and socially distance while they were waiting to get back into the pub. Tim’s poem is a ‘love letter’ to British pubs and captures the anticipation and excitement we all have for the first pint inside our local. 

NHS Charities Together 

Campaign: Thank You NHS Clap Counter

Award: Finalist for Press/Outdoor Campaign of the Year

Mc&T created the ‘Clap-Counter’ - a pro-bono campaign for ‘NHS Charities Together’. The counter tracked the outpouring of real-time digital thanks directed towards the NHS on Twitter, and broadcast it as a combined total figure on and on specific digital outdoor sites.

We super-targeted NHS and key workers outside major UK hospitals at the moment they needed it most - shift change. Recognizing their enormous effort and the struggle they were going through in ICU wards, ‘Clap Counter’ reminded them that the nation was behind them while also generating 100s of donations to NHS Charities Together.

Phew! Now that was a wonderful blast from the past, wasn’t it? We are getting all emotional over here….

The awards are announced on 12th November so make sure to stay connected via our social channels to be the first to hear the results.