PR agency or fashion brand?

Here Be Dragons

December 20, 2023

When we founded Here Be Dragons, we wanted to create a super strong agency brand. One that had creativity and bravery at its heart and that stood out from the sea of other agencies (no offence meant, there are just LOTS of agencies)

Inspired by fashion, we came up with our pink Dragon emblem. It felt so authentically vibrant that it could live beyond the agency world, so we developed our first range of merch in 2022 (big shout to Iona Inglesby)

🎬 Watch the vid, which previews our new gear - we navigate through different styles, embracing the essence of streetwear, sneaker-culture and some recent (but timeless) PR buzz-phrases 👀

Why are we doing this? Our merch line is a bold representation of our philosophy - earning our presence in the world through creative activities that (hopefully) get us noticed. Sometimes that's on behalf of a client, sometimes it ain't!

To check out our full range of merch, go here.