Here Be Dragons

November 7, 2023

TAILWINDS is back.

After a summer break, Here Be Dragons' foresight service TAILWINDS returns with another quarterly edition. This time we are diving into Social Shopping, the e-com trend that continues to rise and rise.

In this bite-sized report we look at why this commercial aspect to social is so appealing for brands and influencers, including:

🌍 How the Western world is playing catch up with Asia

📱 What each platform is testing in order to compete

👨💻 B2B Influencers

🤑 What happens if you buy everything you get served on TikTok

🚀 The Future

Some great soundbites from Jessica Thomson and martyn odell on how they have fared with social shopping, first hand.

🐉 If you fancy a chat about how we can help you grow in this space, drop me a DM.

Who's bought or sold via TikTok?