Tailwinds: The Next Generation of Work

Paul Mcentee

August 9, 2021

Over the last year, has your concept of 'work' changed just a teeny bit? Ours has. New technologies, new hybrid models, new ways of delivering work. It's been A LOT. But, the new order is bursting with opportunities for brands (and agencies) brave enough to navigate the change - for NPD, campaigns, social content, earned media.

Our new 'The Next Generation of Work' report will help you identify these Tailwinds. Across four themes, we look at innovations in how we work, learn, re-train and co-create:

  • Remote 2.0 - meet the 'Productivity Nannies' - your own personal cheerleader who will drop in via Zoom to 'gee you up' to work smarter not harder. Yes, it is so.
  • Digital Native Learning: Follow the teenage YouTuber who publicly studies 12 hours a day online while over 9000 global students study with him.
  • The Great Pause: see how the next gen have used the lockdown to pause, retrain and pivot their lives/ careers.
  • Collective Works (DOAs): See how online teams/tribes/squads come together to create - forging new ways of collaborating that is having implications for investing, the IPO and 'getting sh!t done'.

Check it out and get in touch if you'd like to learn more.