Ten tips for coming up with creative ideas in PR

Dominic Radcliff via PR Moment

January 17, 2024

Dom Radcliffe, creative director at communications consultancy Here Be Dragons:

“Stop thinking ‘in PR’ - Maybe this is obvious - or maybe not - but it works a charm. I think creative in PR is a glorious discipline because for you to be effective you have to wipe your mind every time you start a fresh brief. This is where the long bemoaned ‘float thing down Thames’ motif comes from - it-worked-last-time-perhaps-it’ll-work-again is no longer fit for purpose as a methodology because people’s lives are full of repetition now more than ever. You are held to ever higher standards of ‘freshness’, so I think the best tip is to look beyond our discipline and into other, stranger worlds - attack things from unexpected angles and make sure you’ve got a strategist who is bang on point regarding contemporary cultural touch points.”