This indie agency is helping staffers work from art galleries

Here Be Dragons

October 25, 2021

Research from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the PRCA, due out later this year, has found 90% of PR professionals experienced poor mental health over the last 12 months.

Art and culture are known to boost people‘s mood, and are even being prescribed by GPs as part of a ’Social Prescribing’ initiative.

So at Here Be Dragons we’ve launched our own wellness initiative called “Work from (any) Art Gallery” - giving each team member an annual National Arts Pass - granting access to hundreds of museums and galleries across the country to work from.

Agency founder Paul McEntee tells The Drum: “Our studio used to be an old gallery, and creativity and culture are inherent to our everyday jobs. The best work is done when you’ve been exposed to the outside world and not tied to a desk. If you can work from anywhere, why not an art gallery? Creativity isn’t sedentary and we need diversity of thinking more than ever in our industry.”

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