Hijacking Culture for Veganuary

Future Farm


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Future Farm challenged us to come up with a brand led campaign that they could activate in Veganuary, which as you can imagine is a key time for the brand. But, Veganuary is becoming increasingly crowded, and journalists are inundated with free products, recipes and cookbooks. 

We needed to take Future Farm out of the standard Veganuary chat, and find a way to hook it onto something that was happening in culture. 

With the plant based meat industry becoming increasingly crowded, and with Veganuary adverts, campaigns and content everywhere, Future Farm challenged us to find a way to cut through the noise. The challenge was to do this in a fun, tongue in cheek way. Future Farm wants to save the planet, but they aren’t activists. They just want to show that eating meat substitutes can be a win for everyone.


In January, Prince Harry dominated the news with the release of his ‘tell all’ memoir, just weeks after his and Meghan’s Netflix documentary. His book was due for release on a Monday, and on the Thursday before The Guardian leaked some of the juiciest stories from his book to the public. It became a watercooler moment, and people couldn’t stop talking about it or meming it, even if they weren’t Royalists. 

At the centre of the story were the arguments between Harry and William, we just couldn’t get enough of those feuding brothers. Harry was also due to do a tell all interview on ITV the night before his book was released, and that we realised was our moment. 

We decided to point some fun at the ongoing feud (or beef), by driving a billboard by Buckingham Palace on the day of his ITV interview emblazoned with the message ‘Drop the beef. Not your bro’. We got our pictures and issued them to the press at 8am on the day Harry’s book came up, targeting picture desks and every journalist that was writing a piece on his interview.


The stunt was picked up in local and national media titles such as The Mirror and The Express as well as trade publications such as The Drum. It also featured on The Mirror’s breakdown and analysis page of all the Prince Harry controversy.