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Beavertown tasked us with launching its 'We Are Not Alone' partnership with Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), in a way that would help to mobilise against loneliness and position Beavertown as a catalyst for fostering feelings of belonging. We were also given the target of hitting at least 75 pieces of coverage in media titles that would resonate with a difficult to reach audience when it came to the topic of mental health.


Our audience to hit was 25 - 40 year olds and from CALM’s audience insights, we knew that this age group loves the pub, and have trouble having hard conversations with their friends. 

We began looking at stereotypical British pub behaviours and found an American on TikTok talking about how Brits sharing crisps in pubs was one of the “cutest things" he had ever seen. No one ever talks about it but it’s a weird thing people do in the UK, so we decided to take that behaviour and turn it into a vehicle that would encourage our audience to open up to their mates. 

The vehicle was ‘‘Open Up’, Cheddar & Jalapeno flavoured crisps designed for sharing, with conversation starters (developed by CALM) printed in the interior of the packet to encourage people to have deeper conversations with their mates in the pub.

To create a news hook for our launch, we commissioned a piece of research that found that more than half (56%) of people in the UK have pretended to be ‘okay’ to avoid talking about their own mental health, as (60%) of us feel there is still a stigma around it in today’s society.

We also partnered with British actor and comedian Tom Davis who both resonated with the target audience and has openly spoken about his own issues with mental health. His personal journey made him a natural fit, lending credibility and resonance to our cause. We produced engaging social media content featuring Tom, hosted on Beavertown and CALM pages, and secured media interviews where he candidly shared his experiences.

We also worked with internal stakeholders at Beavertown to place the crisps in over 200 Young’s pubs in London, and 150 independent pubs across the UK, to be given away for free on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Working with the internal trade teams at Beavertown we ensured the pubs were engaged, giving them social assets, a guide as to how to seed it on social media and a video from Tom Davis to get them excited about their involvement in the campaign. 

Finally, we partnered with content creators to boost our social media presence and distributed branded mailers featuring the crisps to influencers and media partners, extending our reach and impact. 

What this gave us was an extensive media package, comprising of research insights, the exclusive crisps, Tom Davis's ambassadorship and buy-in from influencers that allowed us to tailor it across multiple earned media segments and channels. 

Alongside this, Beavertown amplified the campaign across channels including social media, a media partnership and CRM. 


The campaign beat the KPIs set by the client three times over, with the following results:

  • 245 pieces of media coverage, with a total reach of 573 million and a domain authority of 55
  • Key coverage included PA, The Sun, Metro, Manchester Evening News, TalkTV and a shoutout by Chris Moyles on the XFM Breakfast show
  • Tom Davis’s social content had 119,000 views, and the combined reach of our influencer content content came to 1.87 million
  • 81% of Youngs pubs involved said they would like the crisps to be a permanent fixture 
  • Overwhelmingly positive sentiment across all channels