A Burger Product Launch with a Difference

Future Farm


• PR

• Creative


Future Farm briefed us to generate buzz and talkability around its latest plant based Future Burger 4.0. While it was a big deal for Future Farm, there was no real news associated with the burger launch, except for the fact that it had more protein than the previous burger. Alongside that, we need to target Gen Z specifically and communicate both a health and environmental message.


The target audience for the campaign was split in two - the first, core Future Farm fans, vegans and flexitarians who have followed the brand for years (25-34 y.o); and the second (but most important), a new, Gen Z audience interested in wider culture.

We found insights which helped form our solution:

  • Sneaker culture is an obsession with Gen Z, and increasingly trainers have become a medium for a message, with one-off customisation ‘drops’ becoming phenomena. 
  • Secondly, for the first day ever, the London Marathon fell the day after Earth Day - marrying wellness and environmentalism neatly.   

Our solution was to create the world’s first vegan running trainer in a cheeseburger colourway designed by celeb sneaker artist MattB Customs. 

Released to coincide with the London Marathon and Earth Day, the vegan cheeseburger running shoe promoted the extra protein in the burger but did so in a way which felt natural (running/ fitness) and via a cultural trend (sneaker culture) that resonated with Gen Z.

We launched it with a 'runway' picture story modelled on London's streets with plant-based marathon runner (Flora Beverley - 115K IG) to create a buzz across socials. Fuelled by Future Farm, we captured the perfect photo opportunity with her wearing her cheeseburger trainers (and, of course, a burger to refuel). 

We then released the story to national and consumer media as a news and picture story, positioned as a legitimate consumer product by providing packshot imagery with the sneakers in a shoebox that resembled a burger box.   

We created two additional pairs of the Future Farm sneaker to engage with the sneaker-loving community releasing one onto eBay for auction post-race - with all proceeds going to The Rainforest Trust, helping repair some of the damage done by the beef industry. The other pair were used for a brand giveaway on the Future Farm Instagram channel, along with a full fridge worth of the new Burger 4.0.


The campaign received over 45 pieces of coverage spanning national, consumer lifestyle, cultural, trade, social and industry media - including a standalone piece in Highsnobiety, a title that spoke clearly to the Gen Z audience that the brief called for.

The campaign also resulted in Future Farm being the only plant based meat brand to grow during the period of the campaign (according to Nielsen data).