London’s ultimate night out is calling at Kimpton Fitzroy London

Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel


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Kimpton Fitzroy London challenged us to creatively place the hotel at the centre of conversations around London’s Christmas season with an offering that set it apart from other hotels in London. Alongside relating to Christmas, the idea had to showcase that Kimpton Fitzroy London offered guests a uniquely personal experience and would give them a chance to enjoy the city just like a real Londoner.


Generally news around hotels in the run up to Christmas focuses on typical things like the designer tree, the decorations, a new menu or a special afternoon tea. If we wanted to cut through an idea like this wouldn’t offer enough difference, so we began to look at other conversations that were happening in culture at that time.

And, what came out on top? Parties, but not just where to have your office Christmas party, it was wider conversations around London’s nightlife - where to go, what was still open, the areas with the best parties etc. Alongside that, there were also more serious conversations around protecting London’s nightlife, and the fact that the majority of nighttime venues in London were struggling to stay open.

Our solution was to launch the first ever Nighttime Concierge, an exclusive service only available to Kimpton Fitzroy London guests during the Christmas season to showcase everything London had to offer afterdark. DJ and BBC Radio presenter, Jaguar, became our Nighttime Concierge, who used her insider knowledge to curate some of the best nights out in London across a selection of different tribes, cultures and areas.

But, we didn’t want to just send guests on a good night out, we also wanted to show that the hotel had a vested interest in protecting the city’s culture. And, to do that we partnered with the Nighttime Industries Association, to rubber stamp our campaign, become one of our spokespeople and add proof to the point that the hotel believed London’s nightlife needed protecting.

We activated the campaign in the hotel with a neon installation at the hotel’s Concierge desk, and a direct dial on the famous red phones that are placed in each of Kimpton Fitzroy London’s hotel rooms. All guests had to do was hit 6 to be transferred through to the service and be one step closer to an epic night out.


The campaign secured 45 pieces of coverage across consumer, lifestyle, listings and London publications, in titles such as The Evening Standard and TimeOut, with a reach of over one billion and estimated coverage views of 1.13 million.