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The Goal

We wanted to demonstrate to the NHS & Key workers that there was digital & social support for their work as well as physical ‘doorstep’ support in the form of the NHS clap that took place every Thursday.

As well as that we wanted to give them a moment of comfort and emotional support as they came on and off shift at traumatising intensive care units at major UK hospitals.

Alongside that we wanted to encourage the public to donate money and volunteer for the NHS.

The Challenge

The challenge we set ourselves at Here Be Dragons was to think about how we could harness the energy of the Thursday night clap in order to offer a moment of comfort to staff as they came on and off their shifts.

We were also doing as an internal project and had yet to take to NHS Charities. Our solution had to set the right tone and also come in at a low cost.

The Solution

Our solution was the ‘Clap-Counter’ - a website that tracked the real time digital thanks directed towards the NHS on Twitter and broadcast it as a combined total figure on

We then took those 'digital thanks' and reached NHS and key workers in a super-targeted geo-location DOOH campaign outside their places of work - hospitals.

Programmed to appear at 7am and 7pm everyday for three weeks through lockdown at 18 UK hospitals including University College Hospital, Royal Hospital Chelsea and Bristol Royal Infirmary, the digital sites live updated from the website - showing the real-time amount of people who had said thank you via Twitter.

The ‘Clap Counter’ reminded them that the nation was behind them while also generating 100s of donations to NHS Charities Together.

The Results

The website received coverage in Metro, The Scotsman, Balance and UNILAD and more.

The website continues to be live and at time of writing has 831,221 ‘thank you’s’.